Miniacs at the MINIPalooza Little Switzerland Run

Over 100 MINI Coopers registered for the MINIpalooza in Asheville, North Carolina, recently. They came from up and down the east coast and as far away as California.

Annual MINIpalooza Event Tar Heel MINI Club

As new MINI owners we joined the Tar Heel MINI Motoring Club for a drive up to Little Switzerland off the Blue Ridge Parkway. There were 24 cars in our "Diamond Back" run.

2014 MINI Palooza by Tar Heel MINI Club

We've seen and heard the slogan "Not Normal" in our MINI club, and we're starting to understand it. There was even a pair of these riding as passengers in one of the cars...

2014 MINIPalooza Passengers

The drivers were Not Normal, too. The biggest Miniac (as they call themselves) was our lead driver, who definitely looked and drove like a Miniac...

MINIPalooza Lead Driver

Some of us were glad when the Diamondback portion of our tour was over (and very thankful we didn't wreck or get a ticket!). We took a break at an overlook on the Blue Ridge Parkway. The view was spectacular...

2014 MINIPalooza Parkway View

We got back to Asheville just in time for dinner, which was sponsored by Flow MINI from Winston-Salem. Their motoring advisor, service manager and service technician answered lots of questions about our fun little cars...

2014 MINIPalooza Dinner

The next big MINI event hosted by the Tar Heel Mini Club will be the MINIs Slay the Sleeping Dragon (MSSD) at the Tail of the Dragon, October 24-26, 2014. We'll see you there... to take pictures (sorry, we can't keep up).